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** Please note **

Johns Gardening, JGS Group AU and all associated JGS services take the COVID-19 - Novetel Coronavirus seriously. 

Please be assured we will only provide services to your home or business if it is safe to do so. We undertake every possible safety precaution as we provide that service.

If we are at your premises providing a service and you need to talk to us, please ensure you maintain the require safe social distance or send a text message so that we can move to a position where it is safe to do so.

At this time we will provide quotes either via the phone while you are inside the building and JGS walks around the property and all quotes will be emailed to you.  If any of our workers or any of the team is unwell they will not be available to provide the service and will be in self isolation until they have been given the all clear.

We will endeavour to wipe down any surface areas before and after while providing the service.

If you have any concerns please call John on 0409 701 251.

List of Services We Provide

  • ​Garden Maintenance Services
  • ​Commercial Gardening Services
  • ​Domestic Gardening Services
  • ​Lawn Mowing Services
  • ​Plant Removal Services
  • ​Hedge & Tree Trimming Services
  • ​Whipper Snipping Services
  • ​Mulching & Garden Stones
  • ​Garden Bond Cleans
  • ​Garden Vacate Cleans
  • ​Fence Removal Services
  • ​High Pressure Cleaning Services
  • ​Landscaping Services
  • ​Estate Garden Cleanups
  • ​Green Waste Removal
  • ​​Some Rubbish Removal
  • ​Plant Removal Services
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For Urgent Quotes

Please Call John
0409 701 251