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Special Days


Today is the 14th August 2015. It’s a very special day for me because it holds so many memories of a friend who taught me to believe in me.

She taught me all the things I needed to know to start gardening and kept encouraging me which gave me hope.

Today I am stronger for her turning my life around and I am hungry to succeed and to grow my business more.

My dreams are big but I know I can continue growing thanks to her.

My tip for you is follow your dreams and continue to believe in yourself!

Cutting Back Trees

Cutting Back a Tree and Spreading Black Mulch around the garden.

One of my clients asked me to cut back one of her trees that was starting to look messy in their garden. I cut it right back and to tidy up her garden area. To finish up, I spread black mulch over the gardens to make it look clean and fresh. The property looked nice and tidy after we finished.

Cutting Back Trees 14th July 2015

Cutting back trees to tidy up the property and layed black mulch down in the garden.

High Pressure Cleaning June 2015

It’s that time of year when we can come out and clean your cement drive ways, garage floors or your paved areas.

Often these areas will look clean but then they start to have a dark stains or dirt across them. Some areas are easier to clean than others and that is why we like to quote each for each job that we do for our clients.

If your paved, brick or cement areas are looking dirty, then please give us a call!

High Pressure Water Cleaning Projects

High Pressure Water Cleaning Projects

Take a look around your property, your house, your business, your street, your suburb or city… you can see the amount of dirt, grime, grease and graffiti that appears on walls, fences and driveways.

John’s Gardening can help clean your property with high pressure water cleaning. Every project is different and you will be given a written quote before he does cleans your property.

This service can be included in bond garden clean ups.  Click on our Free Quote Button and organise a time for John to visit your property today.

High Pressure Cleaning 9th April 2015

High Pressure Cleaning 9th April 2015

My client asked me to remove the dirt off their shed. It was good to see the dirt shift and my client was happy with the outcome.

Take Care Cutting Back Trees

When I was asked to quote a job cutting back trees some trees on a property in Nollamara, I knew this type of service would take a full day.

When cutting back these trees, it is always best to take care and take your time so that there are no accidents.

The service I provided was cutting down the trees at the front and back of the property. I also had to remove the plants that were overgrown and also provide a green waste removal service.

My client was happy when she saw how open the property now was and overgrown trees and plants were gone. All that remained was stumps in the ground which I advised her how to remove those or to call in a professional stump remover.

Cutting Down Trees

I was asked to quote a job cutting back trees, removing plants and I also needed to do green waste removal to the tip.

Today I went out to do that job in Nollamara.

The stumps were left in the ground and I advised my client how to remove those.

My client was really happy with the cleanup I did for her.

Black Mould

If you have ever Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water jetstopped to look at your driveway like I have, you will see that there is something dirty growing. It’s not something you can avoid because it just starts to grow.

It looks like dirt and it also looks like mould and I call it a black mould because of the way it grows all over your cement, up the brick work of your fence or house and in places where you really don’t want to see it.

It’s very difficult to get out there on your hands and knees to scrub it and it certainly doesn’t just wash off with a normal hose. The best way to remove it is with a high pressure water cleaner.

Before we start this project we will come and take a look to see how big the area is that needs to be cleaned. We also take into account if we need to use a cleaning agent to help with the removal.

Before you try and tackle this job give John at John’s Gardening Service a call, let us do the hard work for you!

Mulching Your Gardens

I will always recommend mulch over woodchips and stones in the garden.

The reason I do this is because mulched gardens are healther and more weed free. Mulched gardens are also more drought resistant so you will spend less time watering your gardens, weeding them and fighting pest problems.

I recommend black mulch for gardens and I am prepared to come and give you a quote to help improve your gardens.

Gardens also look wonderful when we lay the mulch for you.