A New Garden

One of my clients asked me to plant a new garden for her that was easy to manage and looked good.

My client was very happy with the outcome and the mulch around the plants makes them stand out incredibly. She was happy and so was I.

Take a look at the before and after photos:

Planting Service Westminster 13th March 2013

Project: Planting Service in Westminster

Before & After Photos:

Planting Services Nollamara 11th May 2012

Project: Planting Services

Date 11th May 2012

Area: Nollamara WA

Before and after pics.

Nollamara Planting Services 20th April 2012

Project: Planting Services

Area: Nollamara

Date: 20th April 2012

Before and after Photos

Garden Planting Nollamara 15th February 2012

Project: Garden Planting in Nollamara

Date: 15th February 2012

Before and after photos

Garden Planting Westminster 3rd October 2011

Project Name:  Garden Planting

Area:  Westminster

Date:  3rd October 2011

Before and after photos

Planting Services Stirling 26th August 2011

Project Name:  Planting Services

Area:  Stirling

Date:  26th August 2011

Before and after photos

New Garden Westminster 26th July 2011

Project Name: New Garden

Area: Westminster

Description: Putting in a new garden in Westminster


Before photos

After Photos

New Garden 25th July 2011

Project Name: A New Garden

Area: Westminster

Brief Description: Putting in a new garden in Westminster

Before photo

After photo

Planting 21st June 2011

Project Name – Planting trees and shrubs in a garden

Field of work – Planting

Date: 21/06/2011

Area: Balga

Description: Putting in plants in a Balga garden


Before photos

After photos