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Rose Pruning

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Rose Pruning

Rose Pruning Services by JGS Group AU

To keep your roses looking beautiful every year during the flowering season is to have John come and prune your roses.

Despite the crazy weather we can have at this time of the year late July and into early August are the best times to prune your roses.

We don’t just prune your roses and walk away and hope for the best, we will come back and feed your roses and water the feed into the dirt where the rose is planted.

JGS Group AU & John’s Gardening are taking bookings now for Rose Pruning.

Don’t leave it till it’s too late into the season.

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Pruning Roses - Part 1

Roses are beautiful when grown in the right environment and when looked after and pruned when they need to be pruned.

And when we think of roses we think of lovely colourful scented shrubs that simply look amazing.

Here is an example of a rose that flowered really well and it was ok but it looks a little straggly.

This photo is before it was pruned:

Pruning Roses - Part 2

Now you can see that the rose in the pot has been pruned.

You can of course Google how to prune roses but John from JGS Group AU and John’s Gardening has been pruning roses for over 10 years and he can provide that service for you.

There is a certain way to prune roses without damaging them or killing them and John can help you with that.

These photos are of a friend’s rose and John gave them the advice they needed to prune their roses as they were too far away for him to visit.

Remembering Ella

My love for Rose Pruning grows more and more every year. I started pruning roses when my business was relatively young, but I wasn’t as

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Your roses will look as beautiful as the ones below if you have them pruned at the right time of year and if they are pruned the right way!