​About John and John's Gardening Service

John has a passion for everything to do with gardening … whether it be mowing the lawn, keeping a garden bed free of weeds, planting or pruning roses and shrubs or just generally tidying up a garden that’s getting a little messy.

That passion led John to establish his gardening services business back in 2005 and since then his passion has only grown stronger. John loves to share that passion with his clients and when you hire John’s Gardening Services you’re hiring a business that always wants the best outcomes for his clients.

The passion for providing a high quality service to his clients has grown more than ever imagined. The business flourishes and he and his team work with domestic, commercial and industrial customers. He prides himself and his business on ensuring that the services provided are of the highest quality and the testimonials he has received prove that.

John also understands the need to keep his customers satisfied so you can be sure that John will always keep his appointments and never damage your garden or your lawn.

John can also help you to develop your garden into something more than just lawn, flowers and shrubs. He can help you turn your garden into a place of tranquility where you’ll love to go to relax and rid yourself of the stress of your busy lifestyle.

Don’t wait for the grass to grow to jungle proportions or the weeds to engulf your garden – call John today and discover how easy it is to transform your garden into something very special.

John's Gardening Service loves gardening