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My Story – 1 Starting Out

Starting a business is not as easy as it appears. It takes a lot of planning plus courage to take yourself out of your comfort zone.

I decided some years before I started my business that I wanted to be a business man. At that time I had no idea what I was going to do but I just knew I wanted to run my own business.

When the opportunity happened I decided to start mowing lawns for people in my neighbourhood. I took my lawn mower with me and there was an occasion when I had someone drive me and he would wait while I mowed the lawns and then take me home.

I knew that with starting a business I had to advertise and I did. I also had someone build me a website because I needed everything to go my way when it came to people finding me. I put small ads in the classifieds and slowly started building up clients.

One day I saw a guy who made trailers for bikes and I went and saw him. He made me one and I hooked it up to my bike and started riding to my clients to do quotes and their lawns.

Starting my own business John’s Gardening was the best thing I had ever done. Not only had a done what I said I would do, but I was now on the path to being the best business man I could be.